Our Guidelines
  1. Identify the needs today an in the future.
  2. Carefully select quality components for all primary systems.
  3. Develop plans for phased implementations of various performance systems.
  4. Provide solutions that can create upgrade paths by moving components to other departments.
  5. Provide competitive pricing for the equipment and services we provide.


Advanced Lighting & Sound is proud to have a group of systems integrators that have focused on specific market areas.  This approach allows our team to concentrate on the skills and tools that will best assist our customers’ needs.  Our design staff is here to assist all our integrators in making sure the best possible options and solutions are discussed.

We have integrators specializing in Houses of Worship, Educational and Governmental needs, Theater and Entertainment and Video Production and Streaming to name a few.  While this does not limit their abilities these market areas are intended to focus their skills and time. We are always ready to assist in new design ventures and look forward to other ways to apply our skills.

An important goal for us is to view what our clients needs are today and in the future. Focusing on this approach, we can help our clients make intelligent purchases that meet their specific goals. No matter what the size or scope of the project, we are very aware that everyone faces budget considerations. We realize that sometimes it is necessary for a client to maximize the return on their investment as the long term goals of the project do not match the current budget. These long-term goals must be clearly defined to make intelligent pruchases now to set the path for tomorrow.

Over the years, this approach has helped us develop positive long-term relationships with all of our clients and produce mutual satisfaction for the client as well as our company in a job well done.

To speak with any of our sales staff please call us at 248-817-2092 or email us

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