Our Guidelines
  1. Identify the needs today an in the future.
  2. Carefully select quality components for all primary systems.
  3. Develop plans for phased implementations of various performance systems.
  4. Provide solutions that can create upgrade paths by moving components to other departments.
  5. Provide competitive pricing for the equipment and services we provide.


Many companies claim to provide electronic repair services.  At Advanced Lighting & Sound we are committed to service with over 1000 sq ft and three full time service technicians.  We have invested in test equipment and three fully functional work benches for our service staff.  With the proper tools to troubleshoot analog and digital circuitry our technicians do more than just swap boards or modules.

Over the years we have gained factory service authorization for many manufacturers.  Our technicians are well versed in both digital and analog amplifier repairs, large frame analog audio consoles, dimming and moving light repairs just to name a few.  We are also a factory service center for Yamaha digital consoles and Digidesign digital recording equipment.

Advanced Lighting & Sound provides ASR services for many of the major lighting manufacturers.  These services allow us to better service the needs of our clients allowing for system service and commissioning when needed.

Key Benefits

• Factory authorized and trained service technicians.
• Field service technicians who can perform service at your location.
• Experience with repair and operation of all types of audio, video and lighting equipment.

Services Provided

Our team of service technicians are experienced with all types of electronic equipment. From electronic tube circuits to the latest digital technology our team is experienced in trouble shooting and repairing your electronic equipment. We stock a variety of parts to help rerepair many common problems.  With three parts suppliers located across th ecountry we can usually procure other parts quickly. We strive to keep our team up on the latest changes in the field and maintain a continuing education program to assure this. If you have a unique challenge please feel free to give us a call and see how we may assist you.

  • Audio Equipment
  • Large format audio consoles, amplifiers, speakers and processing equipment
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Intelligent moving lights, dimming systems and controllers
  • Video Equipment
  • Video recording and display equipment
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