Dakota High School Stadium
January 12, 2013
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The Task: Update a Stadium audio system to meet the demands of an ever popular high school athletic program.


The Solution:  Dakota High School Athletic Director, Mike Fusco, approached us about his displeasure with their current stadium sound system. Through our design and build approach, we were able to come up with a viable design, utilizing Community outdoor speaker technology for all coverage areas. Community speakers are completely impervious to the weather, and exhibit excellent intelligibility and dynamic audio range.  
The Community R1 and R.5 speakers implemented at Dakota High School are engineered two-way full-range loudspeakers for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Wide range, smooth frequency response and high efficiency ensure both high fidelity music reproduction and superb projection of clear intelligible speech with very low distortion.  All have three layer weatherstop technology and come with a five year limited warranty.  
Dakota High School now has the system to deliver program with high intelligibility and “excitement” at all their field events. A system that will serve them well into the future.  

Each year we’re approached by various school districts concerning issues with their existing stadium and field house sound systems. Either through obsolescence orpoor design,  these systems were not fulfilling their intent of efficient coverage and intelligibility.

Indoor / Outdoor speaker technology has made a quantum leap from the ubiquitous “horn” technology of yesteryear. Contact us to explore solutions for any of your athletic facility needs.

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Mike Fusco, Chippewa Valley


Advanced Lighting & Sound has been providing unique and creative solutions to the education market for years.  We have been fortunate to represent major manufactures that provide equipment that meets the needs of our clients and their facilities.  Whether it is a Football Stadium, Gymnasium, Natorium or Auditorium we can provide you with the correct solution.

Our clients have benefited from our experience in system design and operation.  By actually having this experience we have been better able to design solutions that address the needs of the facility.

Our attention to details and quality has delivered systems that have performed over the long run. Our filed service technicians can keep these systems running with on-site maintenance when needed.

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