The Task:  Assist a portable church in it’s transition to a brick and mortar facility.  Along the way designing a solution that will meet their current need and  transition to a future expansion plan. 

The Solution:  Advanced was brought into the project by Architect John Tagle to assist the church in coming up with the best possible solution for the new space.  Early in the project the importance of acoustic treatment was emphasized by Bob Sullivan of Advanced.  The room had extensive reverb times that would not be conducive for the planned program content. 

Ron Cox form the church spearheaded their team in conveying their needs and desires.  The worship style is very contemporary and a sound system capable of meeting this and small concert needs was desired.  AS part of the new system the church wanted to increase the production values and flexibility of th systems chosen.  A 32 channel digital console by Yamaha was chosen for front of house and integrated into an existing Aviom system for monitoring.  JBL AE series boxes, Crown power amps and Biamp processing rounded out the audio system.


The video system consisted of 2 projectors in Chief protective cages tied to a Kramer video scaller for image processing.  ETC dimming control and fixtures rounded out the lighting system.





The Worship space was aconverted manufacturing shop in need of affordable acoustic treatment.  Since the room is a multipurpose space the floor and walls were not good treatment options so a series of Lapendary Panels by MBI were weaved through the ceiling cavities.  This treatment was crucial in taming the rooms acoustics.


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