The Task:To provide a portable video campus solution.  The solution must meet the same high standards for quality and dependability as any of the Church campuses.  



The Solution:  Advanced Lighting & Sound was brought in early on to de- sign a high quality equipment package that would meet the needs of the growing Church.  Early on it was decided that the Lake Orion Campus the 5th for Kensington would be their first video only campus.  The Saturday night service is recorded and delivered to the Lake Orion Campus for Sunday morning.  As with all Kensington Campuses quality of the overall experience was important. 

Advanced worked on a simple ground stack speaker solution based on the JBL VRX932 speaker system.  This package was compact and easily transportable and had the sound quality important to the production team.  The system was outfitted with XTi amplifiers and a Yamaha mixer to handle the mixing chores.  It was determined early on that an occasional live performer may be utilized with minimal instrumentation.  In order to handle the audio signals a Pro-Co Momentum digital 
snake system was installed.  The Momentum is built in groups of eight and provided an affordable solution for the project needs.  The FOH gear is tied to the stage with a multicore CAT5 cable that carries audio in and out and VGA video to the projector. 


The heart of the display system is a Barco SLMR12+ projector on 
a 9’x12’ Da-lite rear projection screen.  The image quality and 
overall system performance have exceeded everyone's expectations. 


Lake Orion High School 
Lake Orion, MI
Dennis Anderson 
Campus Technical Director 


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