The Task: To provide a high-tech integrated sound, lighting and video presentation system capable of meeting the varying technical and operational needs of their new and growing congregation.


The Solution: Initially Advanced Lighting & Sound was brought on for their expertise in lighting systems and stage design. After initial meetings with the architects and the general contractor it became clear that Advanced Lighting & Sound could best serve the project if they became the sole contractor responsible for all of the auditoriums’ technical needs.

Since Advanced was brought in after the project had already started, Bob Sullivan worked closely with the Architects to make sure nothing was overlooked. “It can be a challenge when you are brought in on a project after it has begun,” says Sullivan. After reviewing Grace’s performance criteria, mounting locations and space limitations an EAW system was designed with Crown and DBX for amplification and processing.

Grace needed a larger and brighter video projector. The projector also needed to be capable of displaying not only video elements, but high-resolution computer graphics as well. An Eiki LC-2UA projector was selected with the addition of a short throw 1.76” lens to provide the image size needed in the limited space available behind the screen location.

The lighting system design was based around a traditional theatrical format. A front fixed catwalk was already in the architectural design and was used for the main front of house position. Additional positions were created stage right and left in front of the proscenium and a final position on the upstage wall. At the heart of the lighting system are 60 channels of Leprecon VX dimming with an EDI Bijou 48/96 controller. The last element of the system is the new Leprecon Lightscape architectural dimmer pack, the first of its kind to be installed in the nation.

Ron Pietrantoni, Music Director at Grace Community Church says, “ the design and new installation by Advanced Lighting & Sound is more than we could ever wish for!”

History: It began over 100 years ago as a small congregation of 66 German-American Baptists. Now with their current Pastor J. Kevin Butcher, this small congregation has transformed itself in both size and production values with an all new state-of-the-art sanctuary that can accommodate over 1200 worshipers with room for future growth.

Grace Community Church is one of only a few contemporary churches in metro Detroit. The church hopes to increase its ministry to 3,500 people on the current campus and build at least one daughter church (with 300 or more people) by 2005.


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