Our Guidelines
  1. Identify the needs today an in the future.
  2. Carefully select quality components for all primary systems.
  3. Develop plans for phased implementations of various performance systems.
  4. Provide solutions that can create upgrade paths by moving components to other departments.
  5. Provide competitive pricing for the equipment and services we provide.


Advanced Lighting & Sound can provide complete design and consultation services for your new or existing facility. We can work with you and your architect to assess your technical requirements and the systems to achieve your goals.

Key Benefits

  • We work with you and your staff to determine your exact needs for now and future growth. 
  • We provide the technical expertise to transform that information into a completely designed package 
  • We follow the project thru to completion and verify the performance matches the design intent.

Listed below are a few of the services we provide:

Acoustic Modeling and Analysis 

Through the use of Computer design software we can create accurate acoustical models to help predict a rooms acoustical properties before construction or modification.  The raw data is used to plan acoustical treatment and proof planned construction details as they relate to the rooms acoustics.   Furthermore this information is integrated with loudspeaker data to predict coverage, intelligibility and overall SPL.  All this data can be presented to help committees and individuals understand how these variables will affect the rooms overall acoustical signature and the performance expectations of the proposed audio system. 


Sound System Design

We will work with you to create a complete audio system design capable of meeting your performance needs. We will assess the various groups or individuals who will be using the systems and discuss with them their expectations.  Budgets will be developed from the information and preliminary systems will be designed.  Once project approval is given complete CAD documentation will be created for your review.  If the project is planned for bidding under our consultation services complete written specifications and bid reviews would be performed.


Video System Design

Whether you are planning a display system, video IMAG system or a complete production solution we have the experience to assist you.  Our design team has experience in production that is invaluable in providing solutions that meet both your performance and budget concerns.  Standard definition, high definition, distributed systems and streaming solutions are just some of the options.  We also specialize in developing creative solutions to solve a variety of video challenges. 



Lighting System Design

Our staff can provide an integrated lighting solution for your facility. By incorporating the best dimming and control technology along with the latest in intelligent lighting equipment we can provide a complete solution to meet your needs. We have years of experience in Theatrical and live production environments and design all systems to comply with NEC codes and specifications.

We also can supply architectural lighting solutions that will fully integrate with your production systems.  Through the use of visualization software we can provide proof of concept renderings for your review.  Additionally live interactive displays showing lighting changes and effects can be created to show the complete potential of designed systems.

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